Friday, December 28, 2012

Target is the new Neiman's!!!

Brian Atwood sunglasses from the new Target/Neiman Marcus collection! Pic taken in front of a wall in my bedroom that I scribbled some of my fav scriptures on *lime green scarf from Forever 21*
I looooove Target and the cute pieces one can find there! My friend's grandma calls me "Uptown Charlie Brown" b/c I choose to go to Target instead of Walmart lol! So I was there the other day and found a few cute pieces for my skinty friends.....and as soon as I get off of my hot wing diet I'm gonna be a Target shopping fool! I think the smart thing to do is to mix your high end pieces(handbags, jewels, watches, lipgloss lol) with a few bargain pieces(the prices at Target aren't really $5 bargains but u get my drift! So this is what I found.......
I would pair these cute denim shirts with neon skinny jeans, a huge infinity scarf and cute boots of your choice!
Im a jeans kinda them....I'm thinkn about wearing them to my wedding(whenever the good Lord hooks me up with the man of my dreams), or at least getting a jean wedding dress made...yep love em that much! lol:) Anywhoo....I would rock this cute blazer with a hot pair of jeans and pumps(they dont HAVE to have a red bottom but that wld be nice lol)
Love this shirt and how it dips lower in the back than the front, if I were a skinny girl(one day day!!!)I would wear this with some leggings/tights and some knee boots(Frye would be my choice), a chunky necklace and a junky wrist!
OK OK OK.....I'm a little late with this but Im sure its on sale so you can get it for nxt yr! So get a cute boyfriend sweater, boyfriend jeans(you dont even have to have a boyfriend to wear these lol) and some cute loafers/oxfords(penny loafers would be dope....yep WITH the penny in em)and there u have a cute casual yet supa dupa fly outfit for a date with the boo or movies with the girls!!! ......Until next time.....ya'll stay fly na ya hear!!!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

She's Your Queeeeen To Be!!!

Tis the season to be jolly.....and to be murried(married)!! I was invited to a friend's wedding and I knew if I didnt attend my butt would be grass and she wld be the lawnmower I bought something to wear and made my way to the chapel of love!! I chose to wear a black tuxedo styled blazer, white pleated shirt, and black skinny leg pants....cute boots and I was out the doe(door)!! Oh wait....the bow could I 4get the bow tie? My shirt didn't button all the way up BUT I REALLY WANTED TO WEAR MY BOW quick fashion fix.....I wore it around my neck!! I made a stop at Sephora after the wedding to buy some Obsessive Compulsive lip tars(u know to help dry up my tears) and EVERYONE in there had a fit over my 'fit! I must admit...I did look kinda fly!! I just have one question....Ummm Jesus, u reckon I can be next?!?
I bought these cropped leather gloves a few yrs ago and never found the right time to wear them....until NOW!!!
I heart these loooong rhinestone earrings.....but they always get lost and/or hung in my clothes:( #slightbummer
This is a idea for "what to wear" to any holiday party or gathering with friend!
The cutest zipper clutch I got from Aldo(I think) a few yrs ago!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

And It's Not Even My Birthday!!

So today marks the beginning of something begins the week that the world was forever beeday week! My girlfriend and I always celebrate our beeday's with lunch @ Benihana...this year is no different! We meet at Benihana for lunch, bearing gifts.....always earrings because we both looove ear candy! So nooooow......what ta wear, what ta wear???? Gotta be carful how I look when I come out b/c the paps(paparazzi) are always watching! I would die if one of my fans caught me out slippin(I did run to Burger King with my house shoes on the other night but no1 could see that and if they did I had on the same ones Oprah was caught shopping in lol....just $20 but STILL, OPRAH HAS THEM)! So on to the 'fit....I really could wear a jean jacket love love I decided on a jean jacket, white tuxedo shirt(can never go wrong with a crisp white button down, keep several in ur wordrobe), velvet skinty pants(which aren't so skinny on these big legs baby lol), Ugg boots, a cute rings set that spells L.O.V.E., dope earrings that say Young Gifted & Black(a few pieces of me), and my cute comic book clutch! Ready.....set....leggo eat!!!
Comic book clutch from
What the world needs now is love love love!!! Love this ring...hope it doesn't FADE!!
The ear candy I bought my friend for her bornday!! *I hope she voted #teamobama lol*
Ugg "Lynnea" em in black brown & grey! Oh yeah....shout out to the sun making a cameo in the me lookn stuuuupid!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

One Fly Jiiiiiive Turkey!! ©Thanksgiving Edition

Lord I'm thankful for my blessings, everything that u've done! Times when danger was around me, my life Lord u saved! Where would I be without your love? Where would I be without your grace....u didn't have to do it but I'm glad u did! *singing in my Mary Mary voice* Yes today, just as the other 364 days of the year is a day to be thankful! This has been an amazing year....b/c no matter what I've been through, my good days STILL outweigh my bad days(I know that's a song but its sooo true, if u really sit back and add em up...u'll see) Even though some of us suffered loss of loved ones, lay offs, repossessions, foreclosures....and a host of other things that COULD cause u to feel that there is NO THING to be thakful for......we are still here(if you're reading this post u are:))so that alone is a reason to give God the glory and be thankful! No matter what u've been or are going through if ur still on this side of the grave God can/will turn it around! I was tlkn to one of my friends and she sd she cldnt seep last night so after she clld ever1 and got no answer she started to pray and name the things that she is thankful for, and as she was thanking God for her blessings, here comes the devil reminding her of the things she didn't have! She sd she told him "LOOK , don't u see me beng thankful!" LMBO! But yes that's what we have to do, because the enemy will sneak in to try to rob u of your joy.....but remind him.....who u are, whose u are....and u WILL be thankful inspite of! Enjoy ur turkey day!
Admiring nature...and thankful for it!
Picking berries for my pie.....SIKE!!!!!
Accessory Corner: FLY earrings:Rachel Stewart, 2 Chains bracelet: Express, Watch: Michael Kors, Ring & Bracelet: David Yurman Raid My Closet: Blue jean shirt, tank, corduroy pants:Lane Bryant, Chucks:Zappos(ordered one day, here the nxt... love their shipping)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Twist & Shout

Back to my roots.....not too far back though! Lol I have FINALLY built up enough skrenff(strength) to grow my relaxer out! Even though it took me a few yrs to makeup my mind and stick to it, I am FINALLY on that natural hair journey! I have gone as long as 4 mnths without the creamy crack.....AND WHEN I CLDNT TAKE IT ANYMORE.....I begged my stylist to relax me....relax me NOW!! Well this January was the last time that I got my fix of the creamy by God's grace I'm coming up on my 1 yr NAPPYVERSARY!!! In my search to find styles that I can rock as I transition I found these braids....THANK YA JESUS! I saw a beautiful natural sista working at the MAC counter and I HAD 2 know who braided her hair...even b4 I decided to transition I wntd these braids b/c this beatiful diva made them look sooo couture! I haven't gotten the guts yet to to the BC(big chop) so these r perfect! Put on some poppin gloss, a little mascara and I'm out the door...lookn hella fly if I may say so myself....and I may! Lol!
I love this tee! #itwist
The cutest clutch! A good way to pass the time and get a good laugh...#comics Raid my closet: tee can be found @ Clutch can be found @ isisouterspace@big Combat boots from Watch(Michael kors), bangles(David Yurman & Jessica Kagan Cushman) Ring(David Yurman) Three finger Mickey Mouse/Chanel/Versace(I cant remember but it is dope huh:)) Sunglasses: Chanel

Saturday, October 27, 2012

CLUTCHing My Pearls

First thangs first.....NAW I "AIN'T GOT" NO DANG PEARLS:) lol! that we have that clear, lets get down to the nitty gritty....I looove purses(and shoes, and lipstick, and clothes, and sunglasses and...... EVERYTHANG) and one that I have found can be worn with any 'fit is the ALMIGHTY clutch! You can carry a clutch with jeans, a cute tee, and some Cons(verse that is)....a blazer, some slacks, and high top(5inches or more) pumps.....the LBD(little black dress) and I even wear mine with my pj's....u know, in case I meet the man of my dreams IN MY DREAMS! Lol:) There are soooo many to choose from, low end to high high end but don't fret, u don't have to spend all of ur income tax money(lol) to get a nice, cute clutch! U can find them almost anywhere, just look with ur fashion eye and I'm sure u'll come up with something "rockable" and still have money left for a 5pc howing meal:) Soooo take my word for it, the clutch is one purse that every girl should have in their 5 favs! I'm gonna post a few pics of the ones I have, some so stinkn cute that they deserve to roll "solo dolo" so they're in a pic all by themselves!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Read Em & Weep

Sunday Nail Day!! B/c Sunday is usually my "lazy dreading to go back to wk don't get out of my pajama stay in the bed all day" day I decided to try a DIY nail technique! I thought it looked really cool on some1's Instagram so I gave it a go! What u'll need is nail polish, newspaper, and rubbing alcohol(I swiped my granny's)! I painted my nails 1st and let them dry, then I soaked the newspaper clippings in alcohol, pressed them on my nails for a few seconds....and voila(waaa la)! Super cute nail design! Now if u decide 2 try this, allow them 2 completely dry b4 going to sleep.....I didn't and u'll see the end result on the pic....still cute tho! So the nxt time ur sitting @ home, bored, waiting on The Real Housewives of Somewhere to come on...try this!  more thing....a little birdy told me magazine paper works better b/c the ink is darker....ok bye, get to it!